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To achieve our business goals, we rely on the integrity, knowledge, imagination, skill, diversity and teamwork of all InfoSec Data System employees nationwide. We strive to provide a healthy and positive environment and welcome and support any commitment from our employees to further their knowledge, education, experience and skills. We pledge to reward their commitment, performance, and loyalty and, wherever possible, to respond to the needs of all our employees and their families

Executive Team

John Taylor
Managing Director

My time with Infosec Data Systems has been highly rewarding and enjoyable. In my time working on various projects with the team members, I have enjoyed completing many challenging projects that have helped to further develop my own personal skills and our company’s ability to meet the needs of our clients and the business sector. Our team is able to manage multiple projects at once which always keeps us on our toes, and which leads to an active and productive environment.

Wayne Woodward

Since I have been involved with InfoSec Data Systems I have found it most enjoyable and challenging. It has helped me to improve my ability to work with others at all levels to achieve our goals as a united team. I take pride in the high standard of work that we continue to achieve as a group, knowing that our clients will be left satisfied with the outcome.

Jeavon Grover

I have been involved in data network installation and related work for some 15 years now, nationwide. I have worked with many of the major building and electrical contractors in all kinds of different settings, including hospitals, doctors’ surgeries, academies, schools and colleges, apartments, etc. We are involved with all kinds of installations, large and small and I enjoy the challenge of each project. We have also accumulated vast experience and knowledge of all kinds of other systems which we find makes us relatively unique in the industry in that we are able to offer comprehensive solutions to most situations. This becomes very useful in ‘problem solving’. We have many long standing clients, with whom I feel we have a well-deserved reputation.


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