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CCTV Systems


CCTV   (Including IP CCTV systems)

Infosec Data Systems Ltd have a team of trained professionals able to give qualified and considered advice on all aspects of CCTV systems.

We offer free on-site consultations, where our representative will be able to survey the site and create a custom CCTV map to ensure that all sensitive areas are well monitored.

Once a plan is drawn and approved for the closed-circuit television system, we will provide high-quality cameras and the best, most sturdy equipment available to suit the needs, budget and special requirements of the client. Certified installers will mount the cameras, take care of any cabling and connection requirements, and complete the installation so the system is fully functional and ready for use. Full operator training is provided to the client.

Closed-circuit television systems help users keep track of events in and around a building or site, thus increasing security benefits and helping to prevent and in certain cases, to reverse theft. For extra convenience, wireless CCTV systems are available as well.

Function and use of CCTV systems

The functions of CCTV have evolved over the years. CCTV is still used as a deterrent and to keep an eye on key assets, but also for the protection of the employer, their employees and the general public.

We can design custom surveillance systems that meet the needs of the client to monitor both the private and public environment. CCTV may even enable the client to avoid possibly false litigation claims by accurately showing events that may have taken place.

Legalities of CCTV installation

As long as CCTV is installed in a publicly accessible area, or on property which is owned by the installer, there are no legal issues with simply having the cameras present so long as they are properly advertised. Standard legal guidelines are available in respect of the making and storing of CCTV recordings.